How to sell on Miravia’s marketplace with WaveMarket

Miravia is an exclusive marketplace from the Chinese Alibaba Group focused on the sale of mid and high-end products in different categories: electronics, technology, fashion, accessories, home, garden, sports, leisure, food, beverages…

Selling the products in your catalog on Miravia can be an excellent way to expand the reach of your brand and increase your revenue.

What sets Miravia apart from other platforms?

Miravia focuses on quality and the brands in its catalogue, which is the reason why users will find well-known brands such as Ray-Ban, L’Oréal, Dolce & Gabanna, United Colors of Benetton, Adidas, Nike, Lotus, etc. in this space.

The platform is also committed to influencer marketing, an innovation in the sector that constitutes a fundamental advantage over other marketplaces.

Furthermore, the marketplace also stands out for offering several benefits and purchase incentives

However, the main difference with other marketplaces is the heavy investment in advertising that the Alibaba group has made for its launch.

More specifically, over 900 million dollars.

Benefits of selling on Alibaba’s new marketplace, Miravia

Lower competition than other marketplaces

As it is a marketplace that focuses on medium-high range products, the competition is lower compared to other marketplaces that are more popular.

It is important to remember that to sell on Miravia, brands must pass an approval process, which guarantees that the products are of good quality.

Free of fixed costs

Commissions are only paid on what you sell and are cheaper than other marketplaces.

Miravia’s commissions range from 6% to 15% depending on the category of product sold and the type of seller you are.

Greater visibility for shops

One of Miravia’s main purposes is to offer more exposure to local sellers and national brands.

To achieve this, Miravia offers you the opportunity to create an Official Store, where you can design your virtual shop window and have all your products in one place.

Tailored logistics

Miravia has two delivery options for its logistics system:

DBM – Delivery by Miravia
DBS – Delivery by Seller

More info: Vender en Miravia

Why should you use WaveMarket to sell on Miravia’s marketplace?

Selling on Miravia is even more profitable for your brand if you use WaveMarket to manage and optimise your operations within the marketplace.

1. Centralised product and order management

Wavemarket allows you to manage your products and orders centrally on Miravia and other marketplaces.

You can easily update all your product information, synchronize inventory and prices, or manage your orders from a single platform, saving considerable time and avoiding human errors.

2. Task automation

Streamlining repetitive tasks, such as updating stock or generating shipping labels, frees you from manual tasks and allows you to focus on strategic activities, such as optimizing your product listings and customer service.

3. Multi-channel sales integration

With WaveMarket you can scale up your reach by integrating other marketplaces and sales channels with Miravia.

You can manage your sales and orders in a single, unified way across multiple marketplaces, helping you to reach a wider audience and diversify your revenue streams.

4. Data analysis and reporting

WaveMarket provides you with advanced analytics and reporting tools to measure your sales performance on Miravia and the rest of the marketplaces you have connected to our platform.

You can get detailed information about your sales, product trends, performance metrics and other relevant data, helping you to make data-driven decisions and optimise your sales strategy.

5. Logistics and shipping optimization

WaveMarket integrates with leading logistics and shipping services to facilitate supply chain management.

You can benefit from efficient shipping solutions, track your packages and coordinate logistics more effectively, ensuring a more satisfying shipping experience for your customers.

6. Technical support and expert advice

We offer you technical support and personalized advice to help you in all stages of your sales process in Miravia and other marketplaces.

A team of experts will help you solve any technical problems, answer your questions and provide you with strategic guidance to maximize your sales.


Using WaveMarket with Miravia, you can take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Alibaba’s new marketplace and solve any challenges associated with running your online business.

Gain greater control over your operations, improve efficiency and maximize your results with WaveMarket.

Find out how we can boost your sales at Miravia today.