Sell on Refurbed while helping to build a sustainable world

Almost 60% of Spanish customers appreciate sustainability. Green resources, eco-friendly packaging as well as environmentally friendly last-mile delivery are the most valued points.

How to sell in Refurbed?

Refurbed is the Marketplace for refurbished and reconditioned electronic products. Peter Windischhofer, born in Ireland as a second-hand buyer, decided to create a platform for refurbished products that meet an ambitious set of criteria concerning safety, quality, and warranty.

Each product goes through 40 steps until it is as good as new: data cleaning, exchange of components, polishing of the exterior and sale. This allows buyers to make their purchases in an easier, risk-free sustainable way.

It is a booming marketplace, with a trading volume of $45 million by 2020, has enjoyed strong growth for three years, and is openly stating its ambition to become the Amazon of refurbished products in Europe.

Advantages of selling on Refurbed

+1 million users per year

They are steadily growing their user base and are regularly expanding into new countries.

Benefit from its reputation

Increased customer satisfaction, with a Trust Pilot score of 4.8/5.

Data overviews

Get data on your sales performance and ways in which you can improve.


Personalised service

They offer strong support to suppliers.

A tree planted by sale

Protecting the environment is their mission. They have planted more than 2 million trees.

Additional advantages are professional product listing and a five-fold increase in sales volume.

Logistics provided

Refurbed has two logistic carriers:

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More info: Sell on Refurbed

Why will you benefit from using WaveMarket to sell on Refurbed’s marketplace?

Selling on Refurbed is even more convenient for your brand if you use WaveMarket to manage and optimize your operations within the Marketplace, all from a single screen.

1. Managing products and orders in one place

Wavemarket enables you to manage your products and orders in one place – you can easily update all your product information, synchronize inventory and prices, or handle your orders from just one platform, saving you time.

2. Automatización de tareas

Streamlining recurring tasks, such as updating stock or printing shipping labels, relieves you from manual tasks and allows you to focus on strategic activities, such as optimizing your product listings and customer service.

3. Multi-channel sales network connection

You can scale your reach by linking other marketplaces and sales channels together with Refurbed. You manage your sales and orders in one place across multiple marketplaces, helping you to reach a wider audience and diversify your revenue streams.

4. Data analysis and reports generation

WaveMarket provides you with advanced analytics and reporting tools to measure your sales on Refurbed and the other marketplaces linked to our platform. You can get deep insights into your sales, product trends, performance metrics and other relevant data, helping you make data-driven decisions and to optimise your sales strategy.

5. Logistics and shipping optimisation

WaveMarket connects with leading logistics and shipping services to simplify supply chain management. You can benefit from efficient shipping solutions, track your packages and organise logistics more effectively, ensuring a happier shipping experience for your customers.

6. Technical support and expert assistance

WaveMarket will provide you with technical support and personalized advice to help you in all stages of your sales process in Refurbed and other Marketplaces such as Amazon Renewed, eBay, PC Components, among others. You will have a team of experts to help you solve any technical problems, answer your questions and provide strategic guidance to maximize your potential sales.


By using WaveMarket in sync with Refurbed, you can take full advantage of the opportunities in the refurbished world and effectively handle the challenges of running your online business. Gain greater control over your operations, improve efficiency & maximize your results with WaveMarket. Find out how we can boost your sales at Refurbed today.