How to sell on Back Market’s marketplace

Back Market is a refurbished platform that complies with the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

What is Back Market?

Back Market is an online sales platform where sellers and refurbishers offer their refurbished products. As the first marketplace dedicated entirely to refurbished electronics since 2014, we can say that it is an expert in the field.

By 2024, according to the consultancy Counterpoint, sales of refurbished mobile phones will account for one-fifth of all mobile phones sold. Another report, this time by Allied Market Research, estimates that the global value of the refurbished handset market will triple in the current decade.

It is a marketplace whose investments have reached 450 million euros by 2022, reaching a value of 5.1 billion. Betting on selling here will be a guaranteed success!

Advantages of selling on Back Market

If you are already in the refurbishment business, boost your business with the support of this platform. These are:

  • 20 million monthly visits
  • Available in 16 countries (and growing)
  • 4.4 Trust Pilot rating
  • 45% of international transactions
  • 23 tonnes of CO2 saved per month.

Main differences with other platforms

There are many differences between Back Market and other online sales platforms of this kind:

1- Back Market specializes in refurbished devices, it has 150 companies dedicated to refurbishing in Spain.

2- Back Market offers not only a retail site but also a place where users can sell their own devices and make money with them. This is possible thanks to the Trade-in Renove program, Back Market offers any user the possibility to trade in their old mobile or tablet.

3- It acts as a guardian for the customer. It is not simply a support for online sales, where the first and the cheapest is the fastest.

Possible Seller Types

There are three types of sellers in Back Market:

  • Experts in the world of reconditioning: They are the first to join Back Market when they launch in a new country. In this category we find: reconditioners and workshops; small reconditioners and resellers.
  • Brands and distributors: manufacturing brands, distribution chains and operators. We also find brands that sell officially on Back Market, refurbished products certified by the manufacturer itself, such as Apple or Leotec in Spain.
  • Second-hand refurbishers: this last category includes all sellers who recover used devices from individuals, test them, check them, repair them and clean them in order to put them back on sale. This category includes sellers such as Easy Cash.

How does the platform work?

To prioritize the products on the website, we apply an algorithm that rewards the quality and good customer service (not only the price) of the sellers. What does this mean? The product shown as the first option for each model is neither the cheapest nor the one from the seller with the most stock, but the one that has been the favorite according to our levels of quality and professionalism.

How to become a Back Market seller?

To start selling on the refurbished platform, you must fill in a form in the “Become a Seller” section with your personal and company details. You will also need an email account to register, which will be associated with your seller profile for future notifications from the platform.

Once the process is complete, the Onboarding team will contact you for configuration and integration. They offer a Help Center, which includes solutions by category to frequently asked questions.

All info at Sell on Back Market

Fees and taxes

The Quality Assurance Fee is invested in quality control, to provide the best possible experience when purchasing refurbished products. It is charged per order, not per product. It also helps to fund future environmental projects, such as the creation of an EcoVadis label for sellers, the publication of information on the carbon footprint of each item, etc.

Fees are usually around 10% and VAT Deductions will be subject to certain conditions.

How will you benefit from WaveMarket to sell on Back Market’s marketplace?

Selling in Back Market is even more profitable for your brand if you use WaveMarket to manage and improve your operations in the Marketplace from a single screen, saving time and minimizing human mistakes.

1. Centralised product and order management
2. Automated tasks
3. Integration of several selling platforms.
4. Data analysis and reports generation
5. Optimisation of delivery and logistics
6. Expertise and technical support


By using WaveMarket together with Back Market, you will take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the refurbished world, effectively managing the challenges of running your online business. You will have greater control over your operations from a single screen. Find out how we can boost your sales today.