How to sell at El Corte Inglés with WaveMarket

The El Corte Inglés marketplace is one of the most interesting options for placing your brand’s products on the Spanish market.

Its turnover has skyrocketed in recent years to over 2,500 million euros.

In a short time, the El Corte Inglés has become the third favorite marketplace of Spanish customers.

How does El Corte Inglés’ marketplace work?

As well as on eBay, Amazon, Miravia and many other marketplaces, you can also put your products for sale on the El Corte Inglés marketplace.

El Corte Inglés acts as an administrator and is not responsible for the items, the deals that may appear, or the legally established guarantee, this is up to you.

When you sell your products on the El Corte Inglés marketplace, they are labeled “Sold by”.

Packages are also identified by the acronym MKTP when they are shipped.

Benefits of uploading your catalogue to El Corte Inglés

Selling on the El Corte Inglés marketplace offers you great exposure in our country.

More exposure: El Corte Inglés is a commercial leader throughout Spain, well-known by almost the whole country, and with a status that inspires confidence among many shoppers.

Wide range of categories: fashion, electronics, home, toys… which makes this marketplace a safe space, with guaranteed traffic and which provides a good image for brands and retailers.

User-friendly: the marketplace interface is simple and intuitive, one of the company’s differential values.

Full control of your stock: both in terms of shipments and returns, which gives you more freedom of action.

Reputation: both the web and the shipping packaging will display your brand name together with the El Corte Inglés logo. It will reaffirm the confidence of loyal El Corte Inglés shoppers in your brand.

How to sell on El Corte Inglés’ marketplace

Online sales conditions at El Corte Inglés

To begin selling on the El Corte Inglés marketplace, the initial step is to send an email to and the El Corte Inglés team will send you all the requirements and information you need.

You must have enough stock to meet the demand and cope with size changes or defective products.

Your products will only be sold through the El Corte Inglés website.

The seller is responsible for the sale, as well as for any complaints from buyers.

Your sales will only be available for mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.

You will have full control over the delivery and return conditions of your products, although El Corte Inglés will be able to mediate in the event of possible problems.

The El Corte Inglés marketplace uses the escrow method. In this way, the payment for each purchase is not sent immediately to the seller but is kept by El Corte Inglés in an account until the product reaches the customer and the customer is satisfied with it.

Payment methods

Customers who wish to purchase your products through El Corte Inglés may use the following methods:

El Corte Inglés Purchase Card.

El Corte Inglés Gift Card.

Credit or debit card: Visa, MasterCard, 4B, Euro 6000, Spanish Maestro, American Express, Diners Club and JCB.


The transactions are carried out entirely through the El Corte Inglés gateway.

It means that you will not have access to your customers’ data related to the payment.

Shipments and returns

As a seller you can set your shipping costs and delivery times.

Returns are handled directly by El Corte Inglés, so a buyer who is unhappy with your product may choose to return it:

Home collection: this is free for customers and mandatory if the return is due to the item being faulty.

Delivery to a shopping center: as long as the product is not in poor condition, buyers can go to any El Corte Inglés shop and exchange or return their purchase there.

Always, the original packaging is required, so you will still have your stock in good order and condition.

If El Corte Inglés notices any damage on your product or package and it is not due to the seller or the courier company, it will not accept the return or refund the purchase price.

Remember, as your products are not sold in physical shops, El Corte Inglés will return the products to your warehouses.

Why you should use WaveMarket to sell on the El Corte Inglés marketplace?

WaveMarket is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that allows you to connect, manage, automate and sell more easily on marketplaces.

Connect your shop to the El Corte Inglés marketplace with WaveMarket and begin managing your sales more efficiently.

Stop doing repetitive work manually and simplify all tasks in your shop from now on.

1. Centralise all management

WaveMarket provides you with a cloud-based tool for managing all the activities related to your sales on the El Corte Inglés marketplace.

This includes automatic management of your stock, updating prices and product descriptions, uploading images, creating categories and promotions…

Keeping it all in one place saves you time by avoiding logging into different platforms to perform the changes you need to make.

2. Automated stock synchronisation

WaveMarket offers you the chance to synchronize automatically your stock with the El Corte Inglés marketplace.

Any changes to your stock are updated in real time, avoiding failures and possible sales of out-of-stock products.

Automatic synchronization ensures accurate and efficient inventory management, contributing to a better shopping experience for your customers.

3. Simplified order handling

WaveMarket provides a consolidated overview of all orders placed on the El Corte Inglés marketplace.

Through WaveMarket you gain access to detailed order information: customer details, products ordered, shipping addresses and order status.

It simplifies the process of tracking, packing and shipping products, making it easier to manage and improve the business efficiency of your e-commerce business.

4. Shipping solutions integration

WaveMarket connects with leading logistics and delivery systems, allowing you to create shipping labels, manage pick-ups and track parcels directly from the platform.

This simplifies the shipping process even further and ensures smooth logistics management, which helps ensure on-time and reliable delivery of products.


WaveMarket includes analysis and reporting tools to provide detailed information regarding the performance of your sales on the El Corte Inglés marketplace.

You will be able to access key metrics such as the number of transactions, conversions, stock and product performance, allowing you to make strategic decisions to optimize your operations and increase your revenue.


WaveMarket lets you optimize and simplify your sales processes, providing you with the best tools to manage your business efficiently in the El Corte Inglés marketplace.